Global Localization and Manipulation Engine

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By Nathan Cravens

This proposed application is designed to assist people or machines to find and manipulate physical spaces and objects inspired by the Internet Protocol (IP) system for the virtual web. Physical devices will convert sensory data into JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or similar language. Vertical, horizontal, and height information is assigned an IP address to link JSON spacial, object, and other data. The engine will contribute to a more viable 'web of things' and extend expectations of future GPS systems and social media tools.

The list below uses a general manufacturing workshop containing a tool cabinet as an example.


X. Latitude: via GPS
Y. Longitude: via GPS
Z. Up or Down: via altimeter
SG. Spacial Generalization: general manufacturing workshop
EL. Entry/Exit Location: via structured-light 3d scanner and object recognition: front door
SB. Spacial Boundaries: wall measurements
OG. Object Generalization: tool cabinet
OD. Object Detail: cabinet height, width, top, sides, ect
OC. Object Contents: drill, nails, torch, ect
U. Usefulness: to store tools
M. Manipulate: a gripper arm to retrieve a torch to cut a hole from sheet metal
I. Instructions: trail-and-error realizes optimal methods of completing tasks
R. Review: the quality of localization and manipulation by speed, accuracy, and accessibility
S. Scan: to determine and register changes in the observable environment for future use. Data from previous scans could focus sensors and processing to novel or dynamic spaces and objects while assuming static structures remain the same based on previous scans to focus resources on task completion
U. Upload: all data to a cloud database for a clearer virtual picture of the physical world

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