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"On the basis of our experiences with Wienett and in collaboration with a large number of small-scale producers we created the manifesto Handwerk 3.0 for the wienett platform in summer 2009."

New Work: What lasts longer is what counts for us.

"In the wienett online shop you find a large selection of sustainably produced products from the region. Neither people nor the environment have been exploited for the products we bring to market.

This is what we consider important.

- Production in the region

- Fair working conditions

- Ecological aspects

- Products that last

- Handicraft products, i.e. handmade products

- Guarantee the continued existence of the small businesses

New Crafts: We, the wienett team, coined the term HANDWERK 3.0 in the frame of a project and as the title of a sales exhibition in summer 2009. What we mean with HANDWERK 3.0 is the renaissance of crafts among the ‘neue Selbstständige’ (i.e. the new self-employed, a term that only applies to Austria) and entrepreneurs. These include crafts such as bookbinding, shoe making, jewelry design, textile and furniture design etc.

HANDWERK 3.0 demands independent and high quality design, product sustainability and ethical manufacture. 3.0 refers to the appreciation of work as we claim it. It must be self-determined and positive, and it must create values – for the producers too. Thus we ask for the end of the exploitation of all the people working self-employed, not only of those who work in the creative field. Entrepreneurs create jobs, creativity derives from diversity.

3.0 also stands for innovation within the crafts –and here, first and foremost, for the further development of existing and available manual skills by means of fresh approaches and with a focus on their actual application. In this respect we remove creations and products from their traditionally known contexts and newly interpret and develop them (as prototypes). The final result is, ideally, a new, marketable, individual and local product." 9http://issuu.com/openp2pdesign/docs/cis.doc_open-design)

More Information

  • Wienett was created by Anita Posch and Martina Gruber as an arts and crafts marketplace for products made by small businesses.