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= a mobile invention lab that works with kids all over the world. [1]

URL = http://www.hackidemia.com/


"With the increasing number of students and the structural incapacity of training and profesional insertion the next generations of young people will have to invent their jobs and be able to gather independently the necessary knowledge and practice. At Hackidemia we're trying to channel the makers communities toward the creation of networked local hubs that will provide access to the latest technologies and tools and will allow people from an early age to kickstart their project and solve local grand challenges (access to energy, clean water, healthy food, information and learning, etc).

Hackidemia is a mobile invention lab that enables future changemakers to access and create a hands-on STEAM education that will enable them to solve specific challenges by developing and testing creative solutions and physical artifacts. School by school, this will create a new learning model for sciences, art and technologies and prepare the next autonomous generation." (http://www.hackidemia.com/mission/)

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See also: Makehub: A tool and community for discovering, planning, remixing, and sharing maker education projects.