Hacker Culture and Politics

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* Course: HACKER CULTURE & POLITICS. Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU. Professor Gabriella Coleman. Spring 2010

URL = http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/scmsAdmin/uploads/006/270/Coleman-HackerClass-Draft-2010.pdf


"This course examines computer hackers to interrogate not only the ethics and technical practices of hacking, but to examine more broadly how hackers and hacking have transformed the politics of computing and the Internet more generally. We will examine how hacker values are realized and constituted by different legal, technical, and ethical activities of computer hacking—for example, free software production, cyberactivism and hactivism, cryptography, and the prankish games of hacker underground. We will pay close attention to how ethical principles are variably represented and thought of by hackers, journalists, and academics and we will use the example of hacking to address various topics on law, order, and politics on the Internet such as: free speech and censorship, privacy, security, and intellectual property."