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"The Order of Patrons of Husbandry, generally known as The Grange, was a radical populist movement from the 1870s that formed in opposition to both monopolistic corporations and their middlemen. This detrimental concentration of resources and the power it creates they reasoned, would result in a society that degraded the producer, violated the public good, and undermined the republic.

Over a century later, this situation not only persists, it thrives - fueled by dwindling supplies of non-renewable and toxic fossil fuels. To survive, society needs to transition to a sustainable, re-localized civilization. Many of us feel that the Grange should accept this challenge, and become a major player and even leader for rural communities in transition." (


"Society as a whole, is slowly moving towards a re-localization paradigm, even if many in industry fail to recognize it, or actively oppose it. We see this in our grocery stores with the ever-expanding range of local organic produce; Or in the increase in vibrant Farmer's Markets and in the creative ingenuity of many of our rural citizens. Our society has grown up around the paradigm of cheap energy and rapid mobility. This is changing no matter what anyone feels about it one way or the other.

Many of us feel that the Grange should accept this changing paradigm, and become a major player and even leader in rural communities in transition. The Green Granges project grew out of discussions with our fellow Grangers as well as other community members, on how we can encourage more local, basic needs endeavours. This Website and its subdomains will serve as a clearinghouse on how local Subordinant Granges can help take a leadership role in their communities.

The Founding Granges of this education, information and outreach Project are the Silverton, (No. 748); Macleay, (No. 293) and the Rockford, (No. 501) Oregon Granges. We have since been joined by Russellville, (No. 353) and Marys River, (No. 685). We are looking for others to join us! Help grow local Granges and our community's resiliancy!" (


"As we know, the “Patrons of Husbandry,” was formed as a direct outcome of the Western populist movement that sprang up during and after reconstruction following the Civil War. The changing aspects of transportation and communication facilitated the rapid movement of ideas and concepts, and consequently, the growth of organizations like our own.

The “Granger Movement” among other things, started out as direct action against the corporate railroad and crop storage systems then in place. The railroads in collusion with one another controlled the prices that were charged to farmers for transport and storage of their commodities. When the farmers banded together in a manner analogous to the urban labor movement, they were able to form cooperatives to leverage their prices better, there by decreasing the influence of corporate monopolies and increasing their own influence.

Over the years, the Grange, like many organizations have shrunk in membership and influence. While still active at the national and state levels, most work has been accomplished at the local or “subordinate” Grange level, (from my observation).

With that view, as well as an examination of the history of the Grange, many of us were encouraged to reconnected with the Grange, or to become involved for the first time. The key challenges we see in the coming years can be addressed in part by an increased emphasis on “re-localization.” Not just in food production, but in other services as well. This boils down to a single word: Community.

We recognize that as tough as it will get, it will be much tougher without community. This process has been happening more and more as folks want to learn how to reconnect with their communities, neighbors and food!

However, it seems as though some of our Order seem to see us as some kind of threat to the “established order,” however that is defined. “The Green Grangers are trying to take over and hijack the Grange organization, and turn it into something else.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that the Grange organization needs to grow, and here is a way to do it.

Fuel prices will continue to rise, as will the number of mouths to feed. Many of us in the Grange see a great opportunity by us to help make a difference. With our 50 Mile Meals, Community Gardens and other activities.

And through these highly visible projects and activities, we increase our local community’s awareness about the Grange. Often comments start out as; “Is there still a Grange?” But often end up with; “I’d like to join and help!” Our experience has been that membership has increased along with our expanding range of events, projects and activities.

In short, our society is going through a transition. From a society predicated on continued, unsustainable growth to one that is based once again on sustainable relocalization. This can be greatly facilitated by making use of our 21st century communications tools coupled with 19th century Granger ideals. In short, the Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry are poised to be leaders in their communities.

Grange members all have a vested interest in our local and regional communities. We’re here for the long haul, and we want to keep our communities vibrant, vital and healthy, as it has been for over 140 years! That great American philosopher Mark Twain once remarked: “It doesn’t matter if you are on the right track, if you ain’t moving.” We Grangers are moving forward." (