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= Fab Lab in Barcelona



1. Tomas Diez:

"The Green Fab Lab is part of a bigger project called Valldaura Labs, which is located at the Collserola Park in the very center of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. We aime to relate nature, technology and history to build the next generation of Fab Labs, which will need to be more sustainable, holistic and resilient to their context. Valldaura has the Energy Lab, the Green Fab Lab and the Food Lab, the three pillars of Self-Sufficiency." (


"As part of the production cycle we have created the Green FabLab, a digital fabrication lab that uses natural resources and is a partner in the international network of FabLabs led by MIT in Boston, and part of the Plan Avanza national network of laboratories in Spain.

One of our lines of research is centred on the development of new materials from natural ingredients such as wood, earth or minerals for building, to make bricks, glass and resins using simple ancestral technologies and modern high-tech processes.

At Valldaura we can carry out the complete cycle of matter transformation, from a sustainably managed tree in the forest which gives us wood that is dried, designed, and cut on machines running on renewable energy to produce furniture and structural elements.

The laboratory has several traditional bòvila brickyard kilns of the type traditionally found on large rural estates in Catalonia; at Valldaura the brickyard was located in what is now the restaurant area." (