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Global Voices Podcasts



"Global Voices podcast, created by Trinidadian radio host Georgia Popplewell. It was spectacular, complete with intro music, featured segments, and an engagin host. As I listened, I was thinking, "this is as good as the BBC World Service." However, instead of featuring the work of paid correspondents it featured the work of the world's best podcasters (from Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, etc.) How amazing - a radio show with segments from correspondents around the world produced for free.

What is the implication of the fact that now podcasters can create radio programs with the same breadth and depth of a multi-million (billion?) dollar multi-national corporation? Podcasting is possibly reaching the point in its development where there are enough professional-quality podcasts in enough countries that podcasts will become for radio what blogs already are for the mainstream press - a powerful citizen voice that that can no longer be ignored." (

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