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"The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) produces one of the world's most prevalent standards for sustainability reporting - also known as ecological footprint reporting, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) reporting, Triple Bottom Line (TBL) reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting. Sustainability reporting is a form of value reporting where an organization publicly communicates their economic, environmental, and social performance. GRI seeks to make sustainability reporting by all organizations as routine as, and comparable to, financial reporting.

GRI Guidelines are regarded to be widely used. As of January 2009, more than 1,500 organizations from 60 countries use the Guidelines to produce their sustainability reports. (View the world’s reporters at the GRI Reports database). GRI Guidelines apply to corporate businesses, public agencies, smaller enterprises, NGOs, industry groups and others. For municipal governments, they have generally been subsumed by similar guidelines from the UN ICLEI." (