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The Global Income Foundation



"The site contains a brief overview of arguments that support the introduction of a global Basic Income and a FAQ page which gives more detailed answers to questions about ethical foundations and funding possibilities. Other pages include facts on poverty and hunger, links to information and other organisations advocating a global or national basic income, and some information about the GBI Foundation itself. The GBI Foundation argues for the introduction of a global basic income, but also advocates for a national basic income in different countries. A global basic income is not presented as a substitute for national social security systems, certainly not in the short run, but as a necessary addition. Apart from the ethical and economic arguments that are commonly used to argue for a basic income, three specific arguments are given by the GBI Foundation for the introduction of a global basic income: 1. humanity as a whole has a responsibility to end extreme poverty and hunger; 2. the need for a global framework of social security; 3. the advancement of global awareness.The introduction of a global basic income, the Foundation stresses, would first have to be targeted at eradicating extreme poverty. Because this is defined by the international community as having less than $1 a day to spend, the Foundation advocates a global basic income of $1 a day as an intermediate target. Such a basic income, however small for people in rich countries, would greatly increase the income of the poorest 1.1 billion people, and also of the 1.6 billion more who have less than $2 a day to spend."