Global Free Economy Project

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= project with the aim of linking people who want to give things away for free, with those who need things for free.



"As already evidenced by the sucess of groups such as Freecycle this is of enormous benefit to the needy and anyone just needing a "hand up", as well as to the environment by reducing landfill. The problem with Freecycle and similar groups is that searching for the items being given away is cumbersome and inefficient. In this project we are developing a fully searchable worldwide database - that can be used on a local or global scale.

We are working to achieve this by developing software which will allow people to lodge things that are available for free, as well as search for things that are available for free as well. In effect linking supply and demand. At the moment this is taking the shape as a browser form to input the information and a server side database to collate it and to link the potential giver and receiver."