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"Giulio Focardi holds a masters degree in Economic History and his main topics of professional and research interest are in the fields of Community Economy, Collaborative Economy and Social Economy. He promotes urban regeneration through the creation of value chains by developing local projects involving micro-enterprises, artisans, artists and cultural managers. He has worked as a consultant, mostly in the HR, strategic development, and multidimensional planning. He has developed various mathematical models of social systems and is the co-author of several books. His working method starts from the systemic analysis of situations, developing intervention models through a trace-back process, starting from the phenomena to reaching to the causes. Since 2009 he has been interested in researching organisational models that contribute to guaranteeing artists economic sustainability and, at the same time, freedom to research and experiment. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Osun WES, a consulting firm specialising in developing companies as collaborative systems, and is one of the founders and president of the board of R84Association in Mantova." (

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Email: Email: [email protected]

See the report on: Multifactory Models for the Community Economy


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