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= "The initiative “Deutsche Wohnen und Co. enteignen” – expropriation of big private real-estate-companies".


Birgit Daiber:

"News on Urban Commons from Berlin

"Due to the financial speculation on real estate and housing on cities citizens face serious problems to find affordable living space. In Barcelona and other cities we know about the occupation of empty houses, in GB in many cities new social housing cooperatives arise, and in Germany it is Berlin where new initiatives started:

The initiative “Deutsche Wohnen und Co. enteignen” – expropriation of big private real-estate-companies – in June delivered 70 000 signatures to the regional government. A first proof of legality by the authorities was positive in the sense that article 15 of the constitution is correctly applied to the initiative. The proof of the 70 000 signatures is still underway – but the problem is there is no legally binding date when the government has to deliver the outcomes –Berliners are waiting now and probably to accelerate the procedure activists organise a manifestation on Oct. 3rd. After the proof is finished the regional Parliament has four months time to decide on the opening of the referendum… It is by no means an easy procedure.

And there is other good news: The initiative for a referendum pushed forward the regional left-red-green government to propose a law that will stop the increase of rents and limit them for five years. All houses built before 2014 will fall under this law with a square meter/monthly rent from 5,85 to 9,80 Euros –about 1,5 million apartments are concerned.

All over Germany citizens and local authorities discuss the Berlin developments … " (email September 2019)