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Pór George (UK). Commons educator and activist. Evolutionary thinker-activist, pioneer of collective intelligence research and adviser to visionary leaders in civil society, business, and governments in matters of social innovation, culture change, communities of practice, and social media strategies.

Co-Director of the School of Commoning that defines "commoning" in three ways:

Founding Editor of The Future of Occupy, the "Commons" issue of which is here:


Contact via george(at)



Community Intelligence is a social enterprise. We believe a better world is not only possible but in need of our wise action, today. We envision a world in which all organizations are responsible to the whole – not only to their members and stakeholders, but also to society, the biosphere and future generations.

It is a world in which the full development of everyone is the goal of the whole. Work as creative self-expression is not the privilege of the few, and all social institutions are designed to increase aliveness, joy, and prosperity for all. Our mission is to contribute to such a world, by amplifying collective intelligence and wisdom in organizations and social systems. We do that by combining social, cognitive, and electronic technologies for resilience, innovation, and regeneration.

Earth Commons Rising, a forum of commons news of global relevance [1]


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