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The General Public Law as published by the Personal Sovereignty Foundation is a generalization of the religious goals of the FSF's GNU General Public License into the realm of the physical, tangible, material world.

Proposed Object User Instance DEED: As a free object user you MAY:

  1. Use this instance for any purpose.
  2. Modify this instance by Renting or buying the Physical Sources needed for that modification.
  3. Copy this instance by renting or buying the physical sources needed for that production.
  4. Share this instance or a copy - whether modified or not.

If you share this object instance or a copy - whether modified or not, you MUST:

  1. Accompany each instance with a copy of this DEED.
  2. Treat all Profit gained through the sale of this object or through the rental of physical sources as an investment from that user toward more physical sources.
  3. Issue GNUrho currency against those physical sources.

More Information

  • The "Personal Sovereignty Foundation" appears to have no current existence (2017)
  • This link is dead: