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User Owned theory describes GNUrho as an insuring deposit currency backed by any Physical Sources held under the General Public Law.

Each GNUrho should represent the societal need as assessed by Object users according to the full price paid - where paying up to cost indicates worth, and paying any amount over cost as a desire to grow.

Property Left owners issue GNUrho titles to new object users according to the amount that consumer paid beyond the total costs (including wages) expended in the creation of that object instance. An GNUrho also represents a share of ownership in the physical sources required to Insure that consumer's future wants.

The name GNUrho is in line with Euro and the upcoming Amero.

It is also a play on the term CHI-RHO which was seen in Constantine's SUN vision "In Hoc Signo Vinces" = "In This Sign Conquer", yet where CHI represents death, GNU represents life or growth.

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