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= an evolving network of public, civil society, and commercial organizations, GKP provides members, access to global knowledge and innovation; links with organisations within and across regions; supports capacity development and provides opportunities for resource mobilisation to advance development.

URL = http://gkpfoundation.org/


Vision: A world of equal opportunities to all to have access to and use knowledge and information to improve their lives

'The Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation, is a 12 year old membership based, internationally recognized multi stakeholder network with a distinguished and well established track record. GKPF‟s globally recognized brand and impartial status as the world’s first multi-stakeholder network, provides convening power to bring together a broad range of partners for development not only for advancing ICT for development and innovation across the globe but also for advancing their global development mission and goals. It is the only global network with members from governments, business and civil society. The GKPF places the member at the centre of the network. But GKPF is much more than a network, its members bring together Public Sector, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations with the goal of Sharing Knowledge and Building Partnerships in Knowledge and ICT for Development.

The GKP Foundations' key competences are in the areas of:

   * Corporate Social Responsibility
   * Scaling-up, Dissemination and/or Replication (SDR)
   * Knowledge Exchange
   * Online Resource Mobilization
   * Advocacy

GKPF is proactively creating and implementing win/win situations that respond to the specific needs of the membership organizations. The GKPF supports development practitioners and organizations directly by: Facilitating peer-to-peer dialogue on issues and themes at regional and global level; help establish members linkages for program/campaign specific partnerships. It influences, leverages and creates synergies between members’ activities; facilitates linkages for mobilizing resources on their specific projects, programs or policy related work – while building coherence in strategies common to all members." (http://gkpfoundation.org/page/who-we-are)