Future Histories of Coordination Economics

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Podcast directory via https://futurehistories-international.com/


"Future Histories is a predominantly German language podcast. However, since there's an English episode sparkled in once in a while, we created an English-only RSS feed and homepage to make things easier for our international audience."


Season 2:

17. September 2023 S02E55 Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism

23. July 2023 S02E51 Silvia Federici on Progress, Reproduction and Commoning

9. July 2023 S02E50 Simon Denny on Tech-Imaginaries

25. June 2023 S02E49 Elisa Loncón Antileo on Plurinational Constitutionalism

28. May 2023 S02E47 Matt Huber on Building Socialism, Climate Change & Class War

16. April 2023 S02E44 Evgeny Morozov on Discovery Beyond Competition

5. March 2023 S02E41 Antoinette Rouvroy on Algorithmic Governmentality

13. November 2022 S02E33 Pat Devine on Negotiated Coordination

16. October 2022 S02E31 Thomas Swann on Anarchist Cybernetics

21. August 2022 S02E27 Nick Dyer-Witheford on Biocommunism

12. June 2022 S02E22 Robin Hahnel on Parecon (Part 2)

29. May 2022 S02E21 Robin Hahnel on Parecon

15. May 2022 S02E20 Trebor Scholz on Platform Cooperativism

1. May 2022 S02E19 David Laibman on Multilevel Democratic Iterative Coordination

17. April 2022 S02E18 Drew Pendergrass and Troy Vettese on Half Earth Socialism

20. March 2022 S02E16 Lea Ypi on Freedom

9. January 2022 S02E11 James Muldoon on Platform Socialism

26. December 2021 S02E10 Aaron Benanav on Associational Socialism and Democratic Planning