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* MIT Course: MAS.963 Future Craft: Radical Sustainability in Product Design.Leonardo Bonanni, Amanda Parkes, Hiroshi Ishii

URL = http://futurecraft.org/09/?page_id=6


"This course will outline a future state of craft through a studio-based critical exploration of processes of contemporary craft and emerging themes in design. Each week we will explore the scope of influence of design through reading, discussion and hands-on prototyping of objects – products, furniture, and fashion – to create a discourse reflecting how methods for creation and production link directly to objects as artifacts of culture. Throughout the course we will strive to make new things by uncovering new ways of making. Global thinking will frame craft in terms of supply chain, sustainability, design for ddevelopment and open design processes. We will refer to product ethnography and cultural probes, investigating how our perception, interpretation and expectation of objects is also evolving." (http://futurecraft.org/09/?page_id=6)

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