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= to support the vision of equal access publishing



"The Frontiers Research Foundation was founded as a Swiss non-profit international and neutral organization to support the vision of equal access publishing. The Foundation aims to promote equal opportunity to seek, create, share, and use knowledge that is generated by public, philanthropic and foundation funds.

Frontiers Journals are operated by the Frontiers Research Foundation to address the social needs of scholarly publishing, namely equal opportunity publishing and free dissemination of research results by supporting the Frontiers vision of a publishing environment “by researchers for researchers”, and Frontiers Media SA, a publishing company specifically aligned with the Frontiers vision and that addresses the commercial needs of high quality article processing, an advanced internet platform, hardcopy production & distribution, advertising and providing services.

In all societies, the individual contributes to the generation of knowledge and therefore has a right to the knowledge generated without restrictions. Access to knowledge is therefore a right and not a privilege.

Frontiers Research Foundation is sponsored by a group of visionary philanthropists that have made a long-term commitment to the research community. The Frontiers vision has also been strongly supported by the Avina Foundation that is based in Switzerland." (