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= "a Faircoop project based around a European Cooperative Society which creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for all individuals and groups striving for fairer social and economic relationships".



"Freedom Coop is a Faircoop project based around a European Cooperative Society(SCE) which creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for all individuals and groups striving for fairer, more solidary and cooperative social and economic relationships.

As a member of Freedom Coop, you will be able to develop self-employed activities through the SCE’s legal framework. You – as individuals, groups or small cooperatives – can minimize your interaction with nation states where employment and administrative issues are concerned. In this way, you can focus on the really important things – your profession and developing your projects.

Freedom Coop offers the following to its members:

  • The use of a shared ID number for tax purposes, so you can write invoices and make purchases. The issued invoices are subject to VAT and do not constitute personal income tax because “a legal personality” issues the invoices and not an individual.
  • Freedom Coop handles accounting and liasion with fiscal authorities.
  • An easy, fast and simple procedure for starting and then carrying out your self-employed activity.
  • An alternative banking services toolkit for any individual or group regardless of their legal status or financial solvency.
  • A broad assortment of resources and tools for Freedom Coop members (such as FairCoop, FairMarket or FairCoin) to connect those who wish to carry out their activities in Europe, regardless of their country of origin and support these activities.
  • Access to cheaper products through collective purchasing.
  • A coordination and legal support service for all participants, including legal entities. This takes place through the use of legal structures, via the strengthening of a solidary economy and with a monetary flow that does not leak out and allows it to stay within an internal ecosystem.

The first step in joining Freedom Coop is to register on the Open Collaborative Platform (OCP), and follow the instructions there for paying the fee. This membership fee can be paid in FairCoin, and is of 600 for individual projects or 1200 for groups. If you don’t need a tax code for invoicing, you can still become a member, pay the fee, and simply use the OCP to manage your projects or participate in the ones that are active and open.

Freedom Coop also intends to make a step forwards in creating an economic and financial alternative, by using FairCoin for the membership fee, for the quarterly fees, and for transactions between members. In this way, we expand the use of this currency and help the entire system to grow. You will also be able to use many other tools that FairCoop puts at your disposal: With FairMarket you can make your products and services available in this alternative economy. With each of these tools, this new system becomes stronger step by step."


Early beta in August 2016: "The website is already available in English, Spanish, Greek and Catalan. More languages will come soon."

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