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  • see FairCoop for a detailed entry on the coop

The Faircoop eco-system

  • Faircoin, the crypto-currency used in the system
  • Faircredit, a worldwide mutual credit system as a means of exchange of goods and services, supported by Faircoin.
  • Fairfunds: Faircoin funds for donations to various types of projects. The Global South Fund will be used for local collective empowerment projects at various levels, while the Commons Fund and the Technology Infrastructure Fund will fund global projects, which may also include globally coordinated networks of local projects.
  • Fairsavings as a source of Faircoin savings for those members who aren’t security experts.
  • Fairmarket, FairCoop’s virtual market that will allow members to use Faircredit, and anyone to use Faircoin.
  • Fairbag as a resource to support backup encrypted savings and wallet management for advanced users who want to keep their savings in case of an emergency.
  • Coopfunding as a permanent platform to raise donations in any Faircoin-convertible currency, which feed the Fairfunds.