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= a drink, and a book

The Drink

Free Beer = a beer modeled on free software, with a 'open and free license'


Lawrence Lessig:

"In June, a Copenhagen artists' collective called Superflex released version 3.0 of a new beer called – you guessed it – Free Beer. "Free beer?" you ask. "Think free," Superflex members helpfully explained at the launch, "as in free software." Under the supervision of Birthe Skands, former chief of development at Carlsberg Beer, the brewery is now scaling up quickly to meet unexpectedly high demand. The first batch of 2,850 70-cl bottles (generous at about 24 ounces, so the natural tendency is to share) sold out practically overnight. Distribution deals are being negotiated with other breweries, especially overseas. And Superflex has now established a Free Beer Foundation to spread the profits to other like-minded projects.

What makes Free Beer free is the same thing that makes free software free: Its recipe is open and licensed freely. Anyone can make improvements. But anyone who distributes an improved version must release the changes as well. Superflex keeps a log of the updates at, and it will release a new version every six months. Skands is inviting the world to help her make better beer, and in exchange the brewery is keeping the knowledge free for everyone." (

The Book

= a collection of texts written by speakers at FSCONS 2008 and based on their respective talks.


  • Nikolaj Hald Nielsen: From Consumer to Creator
  • Mike Linksvayer: Free Culture in Relation to Software Freedom
  • Stefan Larsson: The darling conceptions of your time
  • Ville Sundell: A utilization of Jabber Instant Messaging
  • Henrik Moltke: RMS on FREE BEER (Interview)
  • Jeremiah Foster: Creating Debian packages from CPAN
  • Rasmus Fleischer: Kopimi
  • Johan Söderberg: Hackers GNUnited!
  • Victor Stone: Unexpected Collaborations
  • Denis Jaromil Rojo: The Wever Birds
  • Smári McCarthy: The End of (Artificial) Scarcity