Free, Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons

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* Unconference Proceedings: Free/Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons. By Evanthia Tselika and Niki Sioki. Phygital Project, 2019



Proceedings from the Unconference Free/Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons that took place at the University of Nicosia, 30 May – 1 June 2019. Edited by Evanthia Tselika and Niki Sioki Part of the project Phygital-- Phygital is an Interreg V 2014-2020 BalkanMed, EU-funded programme implemented in Greece, Albania and Cyprus which involves the development of makerspaces – one in each country – that work with local communities. In Cyprus, the project’s work is being carried out by the University of Nicosia Research Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Lakatamia and focuses on social art practices exploring the melding of open/free technology, art and design.