Four Domains of Spirituality Amongst Eurasian Civilizations

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This is part of a fascinating series of in-depth conversations between cultural critic John David Ebert and Brandon Van Dyck of The Mill Series. You will find an overview of the four episodes via: Introduction to Civilizational Analysis.

However, this episode is particular because it goes in the details of the differences and commonalities between 2 pairs of civilizational types: The Chinese and Indian on one side, and the Middle East and Western on the other. The evolution of these civilizations, their relations, their fundamentally different takes, are all discussed in a very illuminating conversation that is a condensed overview of the key macrohistorians.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:31 Is a civilization in one epoch the same civilization in the next?
  • 22:59 What does it mean for a civilization to end?
  • 33:55 Is the world God?
  • 1:10:53 The wandering sage, Siddhartha, Job, and Prometheus
  • 1:27:23 Why not Christ, Joseph Campbell?
  • 1:34:36 A Samuel Huntington aside
  • 1:41:31 Parts and wholes