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The Forward Foundation designs and leverages Internet and network technologies to create and cultivate sustainable wealth-generating ecologies, addressing the challenges of global and local communities in the 21st century.

The Future Forward Institute was a "think and do tank" on collaborative infrastructures by Samuel Rose, Paul B. Hartzog and Richard C. Adler

The Future Forward Institute was disbanded in 2015 and is no longer active. Its key thinkers have moved on but are still active in their respective professional and academic communities.

Original Description

The Future Forward Institute / Forward Foundation dynamic revolves around the idea of a new kind of workflow organized around the complex interplay of theory and practice. We merge the theory-oriented approach of a traditional "think tank" with the on-the-ground experience of what we call a "do tank". We believe that the synergy makes for better theory and better practice.

Our focus is on employing technology to help people collaborate, coordinate, and cooperate around activities, issues and problems they care about. FFI leverages 15 years of experience in information and internet technologies, working with ground breaking and innovative people.

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