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= an open source hardware platform so anyone can make a smartphone with the Android operating system

URL = http://www.gizmoforyou.com/news.php [1]


"Flow is a project developed by an Asian manufacturer of electronic devices for other companies (OEM), that allow anyone to make their own smartphone with the Android operating system.

Basically, it is a personalized electronic module based on a concept similar to an Arduino board, so the interested user chooses from a list of components to make the smartphone that most closely fits her preferences or needs.

Since it's not a mass produced phone and it lacks the discounts of carriers or large manufacturers, to make a Flow DIY device with the basic specs costs 500 dollars.

Flow DIY can be configured in a store so that the user can choose as many additional components as they wish.

The creators of the project advise of the importance of carefully reading the descriptions of every component, so users can make the best-informed decisions about what they really need." (http://faircompanies.com/diy/view/make-your-own-open-source-android-smartphone/)

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