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Daniel Christian Wahl:

"The Findhorn Foundation is an educational charity based in a non-denominational spiritual community founded in 1962 with a focus on inner listening to divine inspiration (guidance), a service ethics regarding ‘work as love in action’, and an ecological ethics of ‘co-creation with nature’ through direct contact with the inherent intelligence of the nature world.

Since the mid-eighties the Findhorn Foundation’s planetary village or ‘ecovillage’ project has provided leadership in diverse aspects of ecological, social, and economic design. Among these are: the creation of more that seventy ecological buildings, the UK’s first community supported agriculture (CSA) scheme, a community owned windpark, a community currency, and widespread applications of renewable energy solutions including solar thermal, ground-source heat- pumps, photovoltaic systems, biomass boilers, and passive solar designs. The community is home to various innovative social enterprises and charities working for social justice and environmental restoration. It also houses a variety of international acclaimed consultants in ecological engineering, sustainable business leadership, and regional economic development." (

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