Fellow Traveler on Open Transactions and the Moneychanger Project

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= radio interview: Fellow Traveler on Open Transactions and the Moneychanger Project

URL = http://agoristradio.com/?p=234


"Part 1 of our first Interview with Cypherpunk Fellow Traveler on the “Open-Transactions Financial Crypto System and Bitcoin Integration”. Traveler gives an intro to where this system came from from, motivations behind it, history. How to look at this system and what it does. Accounts transfers, Vouchers, Checks, Digital Cash, Basket Currencies, the Integrated Stock Exchange type Market features. …And drum roll… Integration with Bitcoin… to fulfill the other need for Bitcoin: Anonymous and Instant transaction settlement."

More Information

  1. FellowTraveler / Open-Transactions Github and Info Site, https://github.com/FellowTraveler/Open-Transactions/
  2. Nick Szabo — The Idea of Smart Contracts, http://szabo.best.vwh.net/smart_contracts_idea.html
  3. Lucre: Anonymous Electronic Tokens v1.8, http://anoncvs.aldigital.co.uk/lucre/theory2.pdf
  4. Ricardian Contracts, http://www.systemics.com/docs/ricardo/issuer/contract.html ; https://github.com/FellowTraveler/Open-Transactions/wiki/Sample-Currency-Contract ; http://iang.org/papers/ricardian_contract.html
  5. BitCoin Virtual Currency, http://www.bitcoin.org/