Felix Fritsch on the Crypto Commons Association and its Events

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Podcast via https://theblockchainsocialist.com/ccg-chronicles-12-origins-of-the-crypto-commons/


"During the CCG I interviewed a co-founder of the event and organization that runs it, the Crypto Commons Association, Felix Fritsch (@FelixFritsch2) . Felix is a PhD student who focuses on the synthesis of cryptocurrencies with commons theory and has written articles like “Challenges and Approaches to Scaling the Global Commons” with many others including those who have been on the podcast before. During the interview we spoke about his story for getting involved in the crypto commons movement, starting the Crypto Commons Association and Gathering, and Autonomist Marxism. This will be the final installment of the CCG Chronicles.

This episode is a continuation of the CCG Chronicles series which is a collection of interviews conducted during the Crypto Commons Gathering (CCG) in Austria back in August 2021. The interviews were also filmed to potentially be a part of a documentary I’m making with a few others."