Federation of Groups and Cooperatives of Citizens for Renewable Energy in Europe

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URL = http://rescoop.eu/


"REScoop 20-20-20 is an initiative launched by the Federation of groups and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy in Europe with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Program (European Commission).

Twelve organisations in seven countries have joined forces to increase the number of successful citizen-led renewable energy projects across Europe.


One success story is Ecopower, a Belgian cooperative that funds renewable energy projects, giving every citizen the chance to invest in the production of renewable energy and rational energy use. Funds are collected from as many members as possible (the cooperative currently has 40,000), and mainly invested in self-developed projects, like power plants running on vegetable oil or wind turbines. Ecopower also supplies 1.1% of households in Flanders with green energy. Shareholders can buy shares for €250 each, and each shareholder receives a vote in the cooperative's General Meeting. Profit for shareholders is limited to 6%, because of its cooperative status, but this means that the financial surplus can be used to fund less-profitable projects. Ecopower is growing, but it is trying to grow in a controlled way, with a goal of maximizing the added value it can bring to society rather than simple profits. Ecopower also invests in projects developed by others, like local initiative groups, local cooperatives, local authorities and private companies. Actively supporting other renewable energy cooperatives is an important element of Ecopower's philosophy, and it is a member of REScoops.eu, the European federation of groups and cooperatives of citizens for renewable energy founded in March 2011." (http://gtne.org/?q=node/391)