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Currently most online communities (or social networks) uses social networking platforms which don't provide any interoperability with other online communities. Federated Social Web initiative works on technologies to help us bridge those gaps and provide smooth experience in participating in many online communities'. As for today some open source platforms start providing features for such networking, to mention few:

  • Elgg
  • Drupal
  • BuddyPress and so on...

Bridging Protocols

"Despite the apparent dichotomy between the xmpp and OStatus, and despite the fact that only a subset of typical social application functionality was being described by these proposals, some valuable progress was made on this topic over the last two years. But in the end, it turned out to be quite hard to agree upfront on what federation protocol each server should implement. Choosing this protocol and agreeing on a choice with all parties involved is hard, and this is not a top-down organization; each application has its own development roadmap which often understandably takes priority over the more idealistic and long-term federation efforts."

"The polyglot approach to the federated social web recognizes xmpp, all the layers of the OStatus stack, but also email, and web linking as protocols ("languages") that can at one point or another help one application understand the information that another application (on another server) is exposing." - Michel De Jong, User Address

Other Potential Federated Services

Other services can potentially be federated. Modify an open centralized version of the web software to support federation protocols

Real-Life Federated Services

Already existing or proposed real life federation can be the supporting infrastructure to federated web services.

  • Federated Credentialing Federated Lobbying Federated Funding


Potential P2P Foundation Federation Partners

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