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Farah Lenser, a resident of Berlin, is a social scientist, free lance journalist and facilitator of Open Dialogue Groups. She studied at the universities in Göttingen and Bremen.

Her main fields of interest are social and cultural change. After completing her studies with a German diploma she lived one year in Greece before she studied body therapies in Berlin. She is co-founder of the “Co-Laboratory” of the Noetic Sciences Institute in Berlin (http://berlinoetics.de) which supports dialogue between cultures and the study of altered states of consciousness.

Farah did postgraduate studies in qualitative social research at the Free University in Berlin. One research area focused on the importance of rituals of indigenous people for the development of solutions for problems of modern societies.

She worked as a moderator for consulting groups in the sector of environmentally concerned companies, as organizer and press-spokesperson for the society of founders of an international peace university in Berlin, and as scientific collaborator in the Rudolf Bahro Archive at Humboldt University. For these projects she also organised scientific conferences with societal and politic topics.

As a facilitator of dialogue groups and conferences she uses different dialogue methodologies such as “Open Forum” and “Open Space”, but also other moderation and organisation techniques which are selected according to the requirements and possibilities of location and time available, and last but not least to the expectations and assumptions of the participants. She is working with Heiner Benking to re-create a dialogue culture through “Magic Roundtables“ and to explore the linkage between Global Commons and a Global Covenant.

Farah also has interests in the field of social responsibility and arts – namely how to involve all senses through a dialogue-culture and bodywork in order to create and manifest social change and support peace projects.

Selected Publications:

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Further information can be found at: http://www.farah-lenser.de - http://www.open-forum.de

Please contact Farah Lenser at: farah.lenser [ ] open-forum.de