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under embargo until February 15, 2008:


Alain Raynaud:

"Everyone loves Open Source and the GPL license that allows you to freely use someone else's code.

Except it's hard to pay the rent writing *free* software. So we invented a new license, the Software Bill of Rights: "when you benefit from my code, you owe me a *fair* cut of the profit."

Fair Software keeps track of who owes what and guarantees that everyone receives their fair share. With Fair Software, small software businesses and micro-ISVs can grow their development team using a collaborative approach similar to open source, where every contributor gets paid when the software gets sold.

Because contributors get paid on future revenue, you can start a project with zero cash. Just like stock-options in a traditional startup, everyone on the team is motivated to see the product succeed. You don't even have to see a lawyer or incorporate a company, all you have to do is list your project with us - it's free - and start "hiring" contributors."

More Information

Contact: Alain Raynaud - Founder, FairSoftware, Inc. - [email protected] - (408) 667-5118