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"Many of us know that a better world is possible, but too often great ideas, great projects contained in a seed ready to sprout and make a change just stay underground due to lack of resources.

For that reason, in fair.coop we have created the fair.funds, an ideal space for the seeds to grow, develop and eventually offer its fruit which will nurture back the land that cradled it.

Specifically, these funds consist of a number of faircoins donated to fair.coop to be handled with a specific objective that may be proposed by the initiators of the fund, provided they are synergistic with the overall objectives of fair.coop.

Three funds already exist, starting off an initial donation; they will be further sustained with input from all who want to contribute and fund the various projects presented to achieve the proposed objectives.

Each fund has specific objectives that are defined by their council, which manages both the capital distribution and the policies of each fund. All councils are democratically elected and are open to participation.

Furthermore, together with the financial resources and management, through the fair.coop social network, common ground is created for all that’s needed in order for a project to grow.

Ideas, financing, working groups, clear objectives, infrastructure, discussion, support, energy, life… everything you need to avoid any seeds from getting lost underground before even seeing the light.

Ultimately, fair.funds mean to be a resource redistribution point to allow us, through cooperation, to achieve a more just society and economy, with global wealth accessible to all humankind as commons." (https://fair.coop/fairfunds/)