Fablabs and Makerspaces in Africa

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Initiated by Andrew Paterson (Helsinki), in conversation with Michel Bauwens & Irma Wilson (Johannesburg), with aim to gain better understanding of the P2P developments in Africa that are emergent in the form of hacker & makerspaces and fablabs. Further suggestions most welcome to develop this list beyond the those listed in Fablab directory.

  • NGO Shalin has been doing some appropriate tech/renewable energy projects in Kenya: http://shalinry.org

(update on South Africa via Irma Wilson: there's 8 in SA -- they are run through the CSIR -- only one of them (Shoshunguwe, North of Pretoria) seems to have any real vibrancy and uptake around it ; 3-5 December sees Johannesburg's 2nd big MakersFair ; SAIS is about to bring out a book on African innovations, http://www.saisprogramme.com/ )

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