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= FAB LAB ATHENS is an active node of the Digital Fabrication Laboratories network Fab Labs, that are a platform for cooperation between people and organizations from different countries around the world.

URL = http://fablabathens.gr/


"FAB LAB ATHENS is a platform for the development of Digital Fabrication Technologies.

Fab Lab Athens explores how Digital Fabrication, Information and Communication Technologies applied in different disciplines can create more efficient economic, social, productive and education models in the different local contexts of the region of Greece as well as outside Greece.

FAB LAB ATHENS objectives are:

/to test and promote new economic,social and educational models in the local context of Greece and in the global scenario of the 3rd Industrial Revolution and the crisis societies

/to organize activities, research and educational programs related with Science fields of production,designing and communication (New Materialities/Internet of Things,/Automated Construction/Real time Data/Smart Cities/The Science of DIY,/Collective Innovation/Open Source Design and more)

/to create an Open Lab that is accessible to local people, professionals,researchers,students,children and to anybody interested in learning and testing the uses and applications of digital fabrication technologies.

FAB LAB ATHENS project has the following partners: /The National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), Hosting Organization /The TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece) /The MyCity.me non profit organization /The Greek Free / Open Source Software Society (GFOSS) non profit organization /The The P2P Foundation Greece " (http://fablabathens.gr/content/?page_id=88)