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Project by Nathan Cravens to promote Open Manufacturing and to make fabrication facilities and resources accessible.

URL = http://www.appropedia.org/Fab_Focus


Nathan Cravens:

"The strategy begins with the outline for practice called the MiniCollaboration Platform, a working method for communicating collaberatively to the OM list and a hub for other essential fabrication related strategies called ‘Resources’. Fab Focus is a fabrication centered approach which defines what I believe is the essense of the Open Manufacturing enterprise: The Fab Lab, workshop, factory, means of production, or whatever you wish to call it.

I will ruthlessly promote and write for the Fab Focus wiki and related resources. I will list a link to the resources throughout the OM list as I apply discussion that seems relevant to organizing fabrication until approached with a better format for organization. I hope you do the same and join me in our effort. The outcome will be brighter, sooner when you do. We have a lot of organizational methodology to flesh out, but it is not as overwelming as we may have believed, though I’m sure we will have unforeseen challenges again and again.

Organizational methodology means “how to act” or “what to do.” I intend to generate a resource with you that produces THE BOOK on replicating the entire fabrication and fabrication related enterprise, which I believe will play a primary role in changing for the better the very way we live our lives. I believe simple text, video, and the sharing of CAD files is all we need, when organized properly, to move this entire priceless enterprise forward.

I’m open to suggestions directly or in discussion at OM on this topic. If you know a better way to move forward, let’s do that.”

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