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Working Group Name: FLO Solutions Meeting Date/Time: 10/10/11 3:00 PM Location: Charlotte's Place, 109 Greenwich Meeting Number: 2 Attendees: Drew, Tom, Nick, Joshua, Tyrone, Devin, Ted S, Ted H

Announcements: None

Report Backs: 1.1 Identified LDAP experts and will put them together. They will proceed to evaluate and publish. 1.3 Directory of projects hasn't started 1.6 Documentation formatting took place 1.7 PermaBank.cc team has congealed and still looking for JavaScripting, and AJAX.


2.1 -Meetup.com hackathon 632 B'way on Friday 10/14 Discussion: Would be a good place to find more developers Proposal: Send representatives from FLO Solutions Group Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: -we need a list of projects on the github wiki (github.com/meetup/occupy-together-hackathon/wiki) (re: 1.3)

2.2 - CRM for Outreach Working Group Discussion: They want one from us Proposal: Throw up hosting Drupal, Aegir, CiviCRM at civi.nycga.cc Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: - Check with Colin from Outreach to see if this fulfills needs - Nick to spin up on Drupal

2.3 - Domain Ownership Discussion: Multiple owners, hard to track who, what to do? Proposal: Combine Dave's Wiener's rss feeds with other domains involving occupation of which we're familiar, include in 'affiliate network' bar Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: - Drew to strategize

2.4 - Setting up Github Discussion: Where? Proposal: FLOSolutions with occupyeverything.info email is the admin Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: - Set it up (done)

2.5 - Point of contact for new members Discussion: Should be uniform Proposal: Use @nycga.cc (i.e. [email protected], [email protected]) with autoresponder that pushes list serve info Consensus Test: Achieved Action items: - Setup once new nycga.cc site is up

2.6 - Democratic party coopting the movement Discussion: Evidence of attempts being made Proposal: Aggregate feeds from affiliate networks to insure all voices continue to be heard in order to define agenda Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: - Feed aggregation techniques in process. As affiliates come on line, integrate.

2.7 Server setup Discussion: In process Proposal: Complete it Consensus Test: Achieved Action Items: - In Process