Expert Taskforce on Global Knowledge Governance

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"The University of Oxford’s Global Economic Governance Programme has launched an independent Expert Taskforce on Global Knowledge Governance to propose a set of principles and options for the future of global knowledge governance. In launching the initiative, the Taskforce’s Honorary Advisors emphasised the scope of global knowledge governance challenges at hand. Professor Rubens Ricupero, former Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), observed that “in our knowledge-intensive economy, access to information and to knowledge has become the difference between prosperity and poverty, and between domination and liberation. The needs of the vast majority of the world’s population demand that we take knowledge governance seriously”.

Scholar, economist and writer Jacques Attali highlighted that ‘how knowledge is created, accumulated, shared and governed in a globalised world determines the extent and nature of inequality.” His views were echoed by Nobel Laureate Sir John Sulston, who underlined that “an important part of the ownership of science lies in the international rules and mechanisms that govern knowledge, for which the existing arrangements are unsatisfactory and urgently need review.”

The Taskforce will be led by a small, core team of experts participating in a personal capacity, supported by several distinguished Honorary Advisors. The Taskforce will consult widely, interviewing a diversity of academics, policy experts, and stakeholder communities around the world. The report will be peer-reviewed by a group of leading international scholars working on the intersection of issues covered in the study. The findings of the Taskforce will be published in late 2010 and presented to governments, relevant international organizations, stakeholders and academics working to shape how the future of global knowledge governance unfolds."

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