Evolving from Egocentric Competition via Sociocentric Collaboration to Worldcentric and Kosmocentric Collaboration

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Excert from the book Open Collaboration by Alpha Lo:

"Ken Wilber, a philosopher, has popularized a scheme to categorize the development of people through egocentric, sociocentric, worldcentric, and kosmocentric levels. This scheme can be used to look at the ethical levels in a social system. An egocentric system would be one which is serving the wants of one person’s ego.

A sociocentric system is one which is serving the wants of a particular segment of the demographic or a particular subculture without taking into account the wants of other demographics, subcultures. A sociocentric system may also be a society which serves the needs of its members but which is not aware or does not care about the impact it is having on the environment.

A worldcentric system is one which serves the wants across the spectrum of different cultures, and which is in harmony with the environment. A worldcentric system may be one which has found a role it can play in helping the evolution of the whole world as opposed to just one of its parts while having a detrimental effect on other parts.

A kosmocentric system is one which is able to integrate the different cultures and demographics with each other in a healthy and harmonious way and also which is able to listen to spirit and let spirit guide its behavior. A kosmocentric system taps into the field of collective consciousness to guide the unfolding of activities within the system."