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Simone Cicero:

"The EODF – European Organisation Design Forum builds and advances the community, practice, and leadership of the field of Organisation Design.

The EODF members are challenged to advance the principles of organisation design, share and synthesise best practice, and create new knowledge about how people and systems are organised to achieve results and create meaningful experiences.

The EODF guiding principles are: representing European diversity with extensive connections to other communities with similar interests; highly inclusive of a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, values, methods and levels of experience; a safe space to teach, learn, challenge, inspire and have fun.

The people who follow the EODF belong to a professional community to be informed/inspired about latest thinkers, articles, events (content). The value that they can find in it, the value proposition, is a diverse connected community practicing and advancing organisation design solutions in inspiring and challenging ways." (


  • "Every year the EODF organises the annual Conference, every year in a different Country. This year forum will be hosted by IED in Milan, the international design and industry cradle, on Oct 2nd and 3rd. There will also be Masterclasses on Sep 30th and Oct 1st that will be hosted in the innovative space of Copernico."