European Constitutionalism from Below

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= conference theme of the 18th General Meeting on the Common Core Project of European Private Law



""European Constitutionalism from Below: Constructing a Bottom Up Constitutional Process in the European Union", which seeks to encourage an interdisciplinary platform for renown scholars, jurist, and policy makers from around the world to develop innovative critiques and alternatives that might address the urgent crises facing Europe and the depoliticisation of the European landscape as a result of over 20 years of neoliberal order. In the wake of urgent global challenges to both the European Union and the global system, here we are particularly interested in opening the Common Core Project as a platform for exploring and advancing the Commons‟ as a paradigm and strategy for initiating a process of bottom up constitutionalism in Europe.

The Common Core Conference has been hosted by the IUC for the past five years and the 2012 Conference is hosted by the International University College of Turin (IUC) and the Institute for the study of Political Economy and Law (IPEL). Drawing upon scholars and students from around the globe, the IUC is an academic centre for the critical, interdisciplinary study of law, economics and finance. Its faculty and advisory members include such eminent figures, such as Guido Calabresi, Duncan Kennedy, Stefano Rodotà, Amartya Sen, and Gustavo Zagrebelsky. The Institute for the Study of Political Economy and Law is a collaborative effort of scholars and practitioners to respond to the urgent need for a new politics that includes systemic critique and productive self-interrogation of existing institutional governance arrangements, as well as organized normative contestation of mainstream ideologies and practices. The Institute operates under the Directorship of Prof. Gunther Teubner and Prof. Josef Halevi."