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By Wolfgang Hoeschele:

"Public utilities require proper public oversight to ensure that the entities operating them do not exploit their monopoly positions to drive up costs for the communities they serve. In addition to regulatory oversight, another way to instigate public accountability is the creation of trusts, which put control over the utility in the hands of the people.

In 1993, New Zealand established the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT) to own and oversee the companies that operate the electricity distribution networks. AECT was one of 30 energy trusts that the New Zealand government established following national reforms to its electricity system.

In 2016, it was renamed to Entrust. Entrust owns a majority share of Vector, the largest electricity distribution company in New Zealand. Entrust equally distributes profit dividends from Vector to all of its beneficiaries, over 320,000 households and businesses across the country. The beneficiaries, who are all customers of Vector, vote trustees into office. Two of Entrust’s trustees serve on Vector’s board of directors to monitor the company’s performance. This system ensures that the monopoly energy provider serves the consumer's interests. If excessive bills were charged, the profits would ultimately be returned to the consumers." (https://www.shareable.net/sites/default/files/SharingCities_FullBooktoPDF_v2(1).pdf)