Entangled Humanism

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Nikhilendu Deb:

"Connolly extols the notion of an entangled humanism, which encourages us to:

1) see symbiotic relationships between human species and other beings and forces;

2) revise the doctrines of human exceptionalism and sociocentrism and become more aware of other modes of experiences;

3) forge relations of respect across societies such as towards the traditions of indigenous groups; and

4) form a critical pluralist politics exceeding creedal differences which ‘pursues ecological actions at multiple sites’ and simultaneously seeks to weaken its opponent in this perilous period. Finally, Connolly invites us to engage in an energetic cross-regional pluralist assemblage consisting of numerous minorities as opposed to decisions being taken from the centre."


More Information

It "addresses deepening planetary crises by exploring the creative potential of a ‘politics of swarming’. In calling for an ‘entangled humanism’ to construct a radical, pluralist assemblage able to tackle our present ecological predicament" (http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/lsereviewofbooks/2017/10/25/book-review-facing-the-planetary-entangled-humanism-and-the-politics-of-swarming-by-william-e-connolly/)