Enspirited Envisioning

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Facilitation technique.


"enspiriting is a twofold action, a reciprocity in which there are two "actors." One actor, the one you know best, is you, the human person, characterized by your biography. The other actor is your spirit, your human spirit. Enspiriting is the dynamic interaction between the two.

On the one hand, enspiriting is the active voice of your spirit, your spirit speaking out, often without words. The human spirit speaks in many ways. Sometimes it announces itself in feelings that won’t go away, or in images that enter your mind as pictures or through one of your other senses. Sometimes the voice of your spirit comes to you in intuitions, flashes of insight absent of premeditated thought, but nevertheless ringing true.

But enspiriting is also the act of listening to the voice of your spirit in its many manifestations. Unless you listen, your spirit’s voice goes unheeded. So you want to learn to listen deeply to your body, your feelings, your images, your intuitions, and your altered states of consciousness." (http://www.enspiriting.com/enspiriting.htm)