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= the 'western enlightenment' is about bringing in the 'light of Reason' into the human mind, deriving from Greek rational philosophy and the monastic tradition of meditating on holy texts; the eastern enlightenment is about going beyond the mental-rational state, which itelf becomes an object of contemplation


The three revolutions of the Enligthenment were:

   - Culturally: the autonomy of reason and the individual
   - Politically: sovereignty based on the will of the people, and no longer on divine right
   - Scientifically: Progress and History as the new personal and collective meaning

(Source: Report: Reconsiderer la richesse. Patrick Viveret.)

More information

On the 'western Enligthenment': see Impasse of Adam Smith: a critique of the the liberal-capitalist project that emerged out of the Enligthenment. The Enligthenment, Michea argues, made some key metaphysical and anthropological mistakes

On the 'eastern Enlightenment':

* Special Issue of: 'What is Enligthenment' magazine, #21, "The Future of God".

* Special issue of What Is Enligthenment magazine, #23. Will God Survive the 21st Century ?