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URL = http://engagemedia.org/

EngageMedia is a website and a network for distributing social justice and environmental video from South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. It is a space for critical documentary, fiction, artistic and experimental works that challenge the one-way communication model of traditional media.


"In essence, EngageMedia is a video content management system for the web, focusing specifically on video distribution as a tool for social justice and media democracy.

In a more technical language, Garton says "One could place their videos on http://YouTube.com or the Internet Archive, but as a content developer, you can't take the YouTube back-end and add it to your own server. It's not open source. One can't create a custom application for your specific video publishing needs. You have to use YouTube itself. What we are working towards is to allow users to opt for either http://EngageMedia.org, or install the open source EngageMedia toolset(s) on their own server, customising it how they see fit. It ought to be so flexible one could literally plug in an EngageMedia video publishing module into another system, like the APC Toolkit for instance."

This system is being designed for low-bandwidth as well. "You'll be able to pop a video out there with both Flash video and bi-torent support. And as a content provider you'll have a range of licensing options to choose from. For instance, you could choose IPLeft, CreativeCommonsAustralia or CreativeCommonsThailand," he adds.

It's not a one-stop shop, but it's designed to make the process of getting your critical content out to the communities that seek it as simple as possible." (from a email distributed by BytesforAll.org)


10 short documentaries between 2006-2009,

'Voices of Transition' (2009) 8x3 min short statements on transition to safe climate, in conjunction with Sustainable Living Festival.

‘Climate change, the real options’, (2007) filmed and directed with Kurt Diegert. 12min, aired on C31 and web. Examines the various option available in addressing climate change.

‘Another world is on her way’, (2007) filmed and directed with Sal Castro. 10min, aired on C31 and web. Explores the globalisation of indigenous struggles against neo-liberal economic globalisation.

‘What moves us’, (2007) filmed and directed. (Narrated by Frank Fisher). 12min, aired on C31 and web. A critique of privatised transport in Melbourne and exploration of alternative possibilities.

‘What is the G20?’ (2007) written and narrated. 12min, aired on C31 and web. Examines the global economic and geo-political dimensions of the G20 group of nations, along with possible transformations.

‘Happy School’ (2006) 8min, aired on C31 and web. An inspiring story about how Australian community development students, backpacking through Cambodia, started the ‘Happy School’ and Australians for Cambodian Education.

‘Oases’ (2006) 5min, aired on C31 and web. Looks at one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring educational initiatives.

‘The World Social Forum process’ (2006) 12min, aired on C31 and web. Highlights the emergence of both global and local social forums.

‘Cyclovia’ (2006) 7min, aired on C31 and web. Documents a community development experiment in cyclists and pedestrians reclaiming their streets.

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