End of Artificial Scarcity

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  • Article: The End of (Artificial) Scarcity. By Smári McCarthy.

URL = http://www.smarimccarthy.com/Dump/artificial_scarcity.pdf


"The modern materials economy has been marked by an unwillingness to face the subtle repercussions of the industrial revolution. In this essay I intend to play out this future drama of mankind in three parts. First, I will set the stage by showing that we have perhaps unknowingly built several political assumptions into our society in such a way that we cannot see these foundations, let alone replace them when they are sinking into the mire. Second, I will show that the failure of these foundations is not merely inevitable, but that it has already hap- pened. Finally I intend to try to describe a couple of methods we can use to build new egalitarian foundations for our societies."