Emergence of the Transdisciplinary Individual

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* Article: Becoming Transdisciplinary: The Emergence of the Transdisciplinary Individual. By Tanya Augsburg. World Futures The Journal of General Evolution 70(3), May 2014 (DOI: 10.1080/02604027.2014.934639)

URL = https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265173163_Becoming_Transdisciplinary_The_Emergence_of_the_Transdisciplinary_Individual


"This article develops the idea of becoming a transdisciplinary individual, and begins by tracing the origins and contemporary currents of transdisciplinarity (from 1972 to present day). Using Nicolescu's earlier concept of a transdisciplinary attitude as an intellectual springboard, this article explores the traits of individuals involved in transdisciplinary projects. Emergent from the literature are four overarching dimensions of understanding what is entailed in becoming and being a transdisciplinary individual: (a) an appreciation of an array of skills, characteristics, and personality traits aligned with a transdisciplinary attitude; (b) acceptance of the idea that transdisciplinary individuals are intellectual risk takers and institutional transgressors; (c) insights into the nuances of transdisciplinary practice and attendant virtues; (d) a respect for the role of creative inquiry, cultural diversity, and cultural relativism. More research is needed on the subjective and embodied experiences of transdisciplinary participants; that is, how they become transdisciplinary individuals."