Elisabetta Cangelosi

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"Elisabetta Cangelosi is an indipendent researcher and an activist in different fields (economic justice, social justice, human rights, feminism…). She holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences and both the commons and water issues are part of her research activities as well as of her activism. She belongs (or used to belong) to several social movements in Italy (where she is from) and elsewhere; such as Rete di Lilliput, Migreurop, European Water Movement, Occupy, March to Athens, Italian Platform STOP TTIP. She also collaborates with some Universities and works as a consultant for an international organization.Because of the cultural, social and political differences among European Countries the debate about the commons, which is increasingly relevant, has different shades. However social movements agree about the role it can play for the crucial moment Europe is living. Furthermore it is likely to become a proper political topic for the European Parliament through the creation of an intergroup about the commons (a process which is ongoing http://commonseurope.over-blog.com)." (http://www.transform-network.net/uploads/tx_news/CVs__abstracts20140920.pdf)